On the last quarter of 2019, I saw a trend on twitter wherein developers was planning what challenge they’d do to develop their skill or learn a new technology. I was overwhelmed by their drive – some did 30 projects in 30 days, another did 100 projects in 100 days. I, on the other side of the world, decided that I won’t give myself a hard time and would do 12 projects in 12 months in 2020.

The ideas are:

  • A Restaurant Management App
  • A Customer Relationship Management App
  • An eCommerce Website using Rails
  • A Freelance Job board
  • An Uptime Robot clone
  • A Social Network
  • An AI-powered Music Mastering App
  • A Time Tracker App
  • An Online Image Compressor
  • A Biometrics App
  • An Earthquake Detector app &
  • A Google Drive/Dropbox clone

It wasn’t easy to come up with ideas, and until an hour ago, I didn’t realize which one I’d do first.

After a minute or two of search in a search engine, I realized I could use the random library of Python to shuffle the list so I can get started on my first project.

""" I use iTerm as my main CLI """
~ python3 # initialize the python shell
Python 3.7.6 (default, Dec 30 2019, 19:38:26)
[Clang 11.0.0 (clang-1100.0.33.16)] on darwin
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.

# create the dictionary
>>> app = {'resto': 1, 'crm': 2, 'ecom_rails': 3, 'jobboard': 4, 
'uptime_robot': 5, 'socialNetwork': 6, 'musicMastering': 7, 'timeTracker': 8, 
'onlineImageCompressor': 9, 'biometrics': 10, 'earthquakeDetector': 11, 
'dropboxClone': 12}

# import the random library
>>> import random

# create a variable for the dictionary
>>> d = list(app.keys())

# check the variable
>>> d
['resto', 'crm', 'ecom_rails', 'jobboard', 'uptime_robot', 'socialNetwork', 
'musicMastering', 'timeTracker', 'onlineImageCompressor', 'biometrics', 
'earthquakeDetector', 'dropboxClone']

# shuffle the dictionary
>>> random.shuffle(d)
>>> d
['dropboxClone', 'onlineImageCompressor', 'jobboard', 'ecom_rails', 'uptime_robot', 
'socialNetwork', 'earthquakeDetector', 'crm', 'biometrics', 'timeTracker', 'resto', 

I’m happy that the AI-powered project is last on the list. Why? I haven’t touched AI yet – I can use the 11 months to learn AI. Wish me luck!

Here’s the list of projects for a better user-experience.

  • Dropbox/Google Drive Clone
  • Online Image Compressor
  • Freelance Job board
  • eCommerce in rails
  • Uptime Robot clone
  • Social Network App
  • Eathquake Detector
  • CRM
  • Biometrics
  • Time Tracker
  • Restaurant Management App
  • AI-powered Music Mastering App

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